Council Meeting Minutes March 12, 2015

  Regular Meeting of the Mayor and City Council
   City of Ball Ground, Georgia
   Ball Ground City Hall – 7:00PM

March 12, 2015

Item 1: Mayor Rick Roberts called the meeting to order.

 Council Members Present:  Frank Homiller, Lee Prettyman and Andrenia Stoner
 Council Members Absent:   John Byrd, Mickey O’Malley

 Staff Present:  Darrell Caudill, Michael Chapman, Donna England, Karen Jordan,  Bryon Reeves, Eric Wilmarth
Item 2: Pledge of Allegiance 

Item 3: Appearances
 John Wallace for Congressman Barry Loudermilk
 Mr. Wallace introduced himself as the Field Representative for the office of Congressman Barry Loudermilk.  He informed Mayor Roberts and Council that  Congressman   Loudermilk has established his main office at 9898 Hwy 92 in Woodstock, Georgia.  Everyone was invited to the Ribbon Cutting/Open House on April 2.

 Mayor Roberts thanked Mr. Wallace for his attendance and for the useful information he provided.

Item 4: Public Comments 
 (Please complete the appropriate form at the podium and give to the City Clerk)

Item 5: Announcements – None

Item 6: Approval of Minutes – January 8, 2015 Regular Meeting
 Motion by Council Member Stoner, Seconded by Council Member Prettyman to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2015 City Council Meeting as submitted in writing by   the City Clerk.
 Motion Unanimously Approved

Item 7:  Old Business – None

Item 8: New Business
 a) Ratify decision to purchase 2.16 Acres adjoining Calvin Farmer Park
 Mayor Roberts stated that at the December 12, 2013 Council Meeting Council Members approved the purchase of 2.16 Acres located at 200 Old Dawsonville Road owned by   Zona Lee Haynes.  After a survey the negotiated price of the property increased and we withdrew our offer.  Now, after months of continued talks between the Haynes   family and city staff an agreed price of $60,000.00 for the property has been reached. 

 Council Member Prettyman put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Stoner to ratify the purchase of all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in and near   the Town of Ball Ground, containing 2.16 acres located at 200 Old Dawsonville Road and otherwise identified as Tract 1 in that survey dated December 12, 2013 from   Zona Lee Haynes for a price of $60,000.00.
 Motion Unanimously Approved

 b) Consider Lease Proposal from Latimer Construction
 Council Member Stoner put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Prettyman to table this item of business.
 Motion Unanimously Approved.

 c) Consider appointments to DDA and Main Street Board
 Mayor Roberts stated that a present time there are two vacant positions on the Downtown Development Authority/Main Street Board.  To fill those positions Mayor   Roberts recommended Gloria Bartko-Thomas and Bo Pollard
 The term of Gloria Bartko-Thomas will expire January 2017 and the term of Bo Pollard will expire in January 2016.

 Council Member Prettyman put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Homiller to approve the appointment of Gloria Bartko-Thomas and Bo Pollard to the Downtown   Development Authority/Main Street Board.
 Motion Unanimously Approved

 d) Consider Resolution supporting transfer of CDBG Project Funds
 City Administrator Wilmarth explained that after the Cherokee Village Water Service Line Replacement Project failed, staff requested the transfer of the Community   Development Block Grant funds to the Old Canton Road Drainage and Northridge Road Sidewalk Project.  The request was granted, but Council must also approve the   transfer of funds.  After explaining the process of transferring the funds, City Administrator Wilmarth requested Council approve the request for us to stay in Cayman villas specifically on this site where sceneries are spectacular..

 Council Member Stoner put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Prettyman to approve the transfer of $26,000.00 to the Northridge Road Sidewalk Project and to   transfer $24,350.00 to the Old Canton Road Curb and Gutter Project.
 Motion Unanimously Approved

 e) Consider Lease Proposal from Georgia Northeastern RR  (For downtown parking)
 Council Member Stoner put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Homiller to table this item of business.
 Motion Unanimously Approved.

 f) Consider Equipment Transfer to GSP
 City Administrator Wilmarth stated Chief Reeves received a request from the Georgia State Patrol Post #28 asking his department to purchase 3 radar units for their   department.   City Administrator Wilmarth stated this is a common practice between the local police departments and Georgia State Patrol. Our department has an   excellent working relationship with GSP stated City Administrator Wilmarth. 

 Following Council discussion a motion was made by Council Member Prettyman, Seconded by Council Member Stoner to purchase three radar units at a cost of $4,716.00 for  the purpose of transferring ownership of the units to the Georgia State Patrol Post #28. 

 g) Consider Film Production Company ( request to use City Cemetery
 City Administrator Wilmarth stated there is the potential Ball Ground could be chosen as a location to film a movie.  The company is in the process of securing   locations to be used as filming site.  They have asked permission to use the Ball Ground City Cemetery and the Public Works Department site. 

 Council Members discussed this request and expressed their willingness to work with the film crew for filming the movie in Ball Ground.

 Council Member Prettyman put forth a motion, Seconded by Council Member Stoner to approve the production company’s request to film scenes in the City Cemetery and   Public Works Department with the following stipulations:
  •Cemetery shall be used in a respected manor
  •Any damage to graves, monuments, etc. will be repaired at the expense of the production/film company
  •Any compensation for use of the cemetery will be given to the Ball Ground Community Cemetery Association, Inc.
 Motion Unanimously Approved

Item 9: City Manager Comments
 Financial Report – City Manager Wilmarth presented an unaudited report of account balances, statement of revenue and expenditures for the month ended  February 28, 2015.  The report showed cash on deposit totaled $1,044,631.57

 Public Safety – Chief Reeves presented a written report of the department’s activity for the month ended February 28, 2015.

 Water/Sewage – Contractor is scheduled to begin drilling later this month at the Cornett Way test well site.

Item 10: Mayor Roberts Comments
  Mayor Roberts reported that he along with Council Member O’Malley attended training at the 2015 Georgia Municipal Association Mayor’s Day Conference held in Atlanta in January.  Mayor Roberts stated it was a good conference with many helpful training sessions. 

  Mayor Roberts also announced that he was serving on the Georgia Municipal Association Board of Directors.

Item 11: City Council Comments
  Council Member Prettyman expressed his appreciation to Eric and the Public Works Department for the long hours and hard work they performed during the ice and snow storms. 

  Council Member Stoner expressed her desire to move forward to clean up blighted properties within the City.   

  Council Member Stoner stated she and her committee are working on selecting additional buildings downtown to display historic markers stating information about the building.

  Council Members Stoner, Prettyman and Homiller, each expressed their thanks to everyone who attended the meeting tonight.  Council Member Homiller stated it is nice to see the residents take an interest in the City.

Item 12: Executive Session (If Needed)

Item 13: Adjourn
  There being no further business for Mayor and Council consideration a motion was duly made and seconded to adjourn at 7:55 PM.

  The minutes of this March 12, 2015 City Council Meeting will be considered for approval at the April 9, 2015 City Council Meeting.



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