Jan. 10, 2008

Regular Meeting of the Mayor and City Council
City of Ball Ground, Georgia
Ball Ground City Hall ~ 7:00 P.M.

January 10, 2008

Item 1:    Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Rick Roberts
Council Members Present:  John Byrd, Ashley Holcomb, Frank Homiller &             Lee Prettyman

Council Member Andrenia Stoner was absent due to sickness.

Staff Present – Darrell Caudill, City Attorney; Dana Davis, Police Chief;             Karen L. Jordan, City Clerk; Randy Westbrook, Finance Director; Eric             Wilmarth, City Manager

Item 2:     Pledge of Allegiance led by Council Member Lee Prettyman
Item 3:    Public Comments – Recognition of Guest
Raymond Edwards of 503 Goss Lane, Ball Ground, Ga. asked if the location             of the new school had been announced.

Mayor Roberts replied that hopefully within the next several weeks the Cherokee     County     Board of Education would be ready to announce the location.

John “Shorty” Jordan asked the status of the Downtown Streetscape Project.

Mayor Roberts replied that the contracts have been sent to GDOT and that we are     waiting on their response.

Jennie Way, owner of Packrat’s Daughter asked Mayor and Council to consider selling     the old City Hall Building at 301 Gilmer Ferry Rd. rather than tearing it down.  Ms. Way     stressed that the building held tremendous historic value to the City and that it would be a     shame to tear it down.

Mayor Roberts stated he and council are very much aware of the historic     significance the building holds and would discuss the fate of the building at an     upcoming work session.

Item 4:    Announcements/Informational Items/Project Updates reported by City Manager     Eric Wilmarth

City Hall will be closed on Monday, January 21st in observance of MLK
Valley St. Extension – Land Disturbing Permit Fees in addition to our notice of intent     have been sent to Georgia Environmental Protection Division.  The City should receive     approval from EPD within 30 days.  Upon completion of the “bid packet” by the engineer     a notice to bid will be announced.  A tentative bid opening date of Thursday, February 14,    has been set.

Downtown Streetscape Project – The Contract for construction of Downtown     Streetscape Project No. TEE-0006-00 (584), P.I. No. 0006584, Cherokee County     approved by council last month has been signed and returned to GDOT engineers.  It is     anticipated the City will receive the notice to proceed on or about February 15, 2008.

We hope to soon receive notification from GDOT concerning our application for an     additional one million dollars in TEE grant.

Alternate Power Source for Well House – A backup generator has been purchased     for the Water Department’s Well House at a cost of $30,300.00.  A grant totaling     $17,500.00 from the Department of Community Affairs will assist the city in this purchase.      The City received an initial, partial amount of the grant in October in the amount of     $13,125.00.      The remaining grant amount will be disbursed when the City has spent or     contractually obligated the Initial Payment in full and has delivered to DCA its “Request     for Final Payment”.

Radio Read Water Meter Project – 52 old meters still to be changed out.  The system     is working extremely well.  This project considered completed.

City Hall – Lighting fixtures for parking area are scheduled to be installed next     Thursday.  Delivery problems of     furniture continue. Landscape design plan submitted to     contractor for pricing.

Item 5:    Approval of Minutes of the December 13, 2007Regular Scheduled Meeting
Council Member Homiller put forth a motion, seconded by Council Member Prettyman to     approve the minutes of the December 13, 2007 regular Scheduled Council Meeting.
Motion Approved.  4 Yeas   0 Nays

Item 6:  Old Business – None
Item 7:    New Business
a)    Appointment of 2008 Department Heads, Committees and Board Members
Mayor Roberts recommended the following appointments for council     approval.

City Clerk                    Karen L. Jordan
Chief of Police                    Dana Davis
Clerk of Court                    Doreen Hobbs
Assistant Clerk of Court                Karen L. Jordan
Municipal Court Judge                Gary Markwell
Associate Municipal Court Judge        Robert Dyer
City Attorney                    Roach, Geiger and Caudill
City Auditors                    Mauldin & Jenkins
Mayor Pro Tem                    Frank Homiller

Council Member Holcomb moved to approve the appointments as presented by     Mayor Roberts.  Council Member Byrd seconded the motion.
Vote    4 Yeas    0 Nays    Motion Approved

Mayor Roberts recommended the following board appointments for council     approval.

Zoning Board of Appeals:      David Kubala, Daniel Sisson, Scott Barnes,                                          Amanda Jobe & Judson Roberts

Tree Board:            Karen L. Jordan, Jerrie Hall, Jennie Byers & Mayor                         Roberts

Downtown Development Authority:    Frank Homiller, Wes Latimer, Brent Richardson,                             Judson Roberts    , George Westbrook, Patrick                             Day & Janice Prather

The terms of Patrick Day and Janice Prather will expire in 2014.

Council Member Holcomb moved to approve the appointments as presented by Mayor     Roberts.  Council Member Byrd seconded the motion.  Vote 4 Yeas 0 Nays

b)    Consider 1st Reading of Amendment to City of Ball Ground Comprehensive
Development Code Division 104.13 Titled The Valley Overlay District

City Manager Wilmarth summarized the ordinance amendment.

Council Member Byrd moved to accept the 1st reading of an Amendment to City of Ball     Ground Comprehensive Development Code Division 104.13 Titled the Valley Overlay    District.  Council Member Prettyman seconded the motion.
Motion Approved.  4 Yeas  0 Nays

c)    Consider Contribution for Matching Grant to purchase back up power generator for
Well house.

Mayor Roberts outlined the “Special Project Grant” and further requested Council     Members approve the expenditure of $12,800.00 to complete the funds need to purchase     a back up power generator to be placed at the City’s Well house.

Council Member Holcomb moved to expense the funds from the City’s Water and     Sewage Fund to assist in the purchase of the back up power generator.  Council Member     Homiller seconded the motion.  Motion Approved.  4 Yeas  0 Nays

City Manager Wilmarth stated the notice to proceed with the project will be issued     January 11, 2008.

d)    Consider 1st Reading of Annexation Petition 2008-A01 Barbara Edwards, Applicant

Council Member Holcomb moved to table this item of business.  Council Member     Prettyman seconded the motion.  Motion Approved.  4 Yeas   0 Nays

e)    Consider 1st Reading of Application for Retail Sales of Alcoholic Beverages –     Amerioil Inc./DBA Chevron Ball Ground, Zayray Dutta, Applicant

Mayor Roberts presented the application for public comment.

No comments received.

Council Member Holcomb put forth the motion, seconded by Council Member Byrd to     accept the 1st reading of the Application     for the retail sales of alcoholic beverages from     applicant, Zayray Dutta.   Motion Approved.  4 Yeas   0 Nays

f)    Consider 1st Reading of City of Ball Ground Code Title 10 “Environment”, Chapter 8, Titled Floodplain Management/Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Mayor Roberts presented the ordinance for Council discussion.

Council Member Holcomb put forth a motion, seconded by Council Member Homiller to     accept the ordinance as presented.  Motion Approved.  4 Yeas   0 Nays

City Manger Wilmarth stated the adoption of this ordinance is required by the Water     Planning District and upon it adoption the “City” will be eligible for participation in the     National Flood Insurance Program.

Item 8:    Financial Report for Period Ended 12/31/2007 – Finance Director
Finance Director Randy Westbrook presented a statement of revenue and expenditures     for all funds totaling $732,137.29 for period ended December 31, 2007.

Item 9:     City Manager Comments
Item 10: Mayor Roberts & City Council Comments
Item 11: Executive Session (If Needed)
Item 12: Adjourn
There being no further business for Council consideration a motion was duly made and            seconded to adjourn.

The minutes of this January 10, 2008 Meeting of Council approved this 14th Day of February, 2008.

____________________________            _______________________________
Mayor A. R. Roberts, III            Council Member Frank Homiller

____________________________        _____________________________
Council Member John Byrd            Council Member Ashley Holcomb

____________________________        _____________________________
Council Member Lee Prettyman        Council Member Andrenia Stoner

Attest __________________________
City Clerk Karen L. Jordan

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