July 26, 2007 Council Work Session

Work Session of the Mayor and City Council
City of Ball Ground, Georgia
Ball Ground Public Library – 435 Old Canton Rd.

Thursday July 26, 2007

Item 1:     Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Pro Tem Frank Homiller due to the absence of Mayor Roberts.
Council Member Present:  John Byrd, Ashley Holcomb, Lee Prettyman, Andrenia Stoner

Staff Present:  City Attorney Darrell Caudill, Police Chief Dana Davis, Finance Director Randy Westbrook, City Administrator Eric Wilmarth & City Clerk Karen L. Jordan

Also Present:  Scott Roland & Sue Urbaitis

Item 2:    Informational Items/ Reminders – None

Item 3:    Pre-Report
A)    Discuss Establishment of Millage Rate for year 2007.
City Administrator Wilmarth presented a report to Council on the preliminary 2007 tax digest information received from the Cherokee County Commissioner.  The report presented Council with the option of leaving the millage at the 2006 rate of 5.5 mills or decreasing the millage rate due to the inflationary growth figures.

Mayor Pro-Tem Homiller opened the floor for discussion.

Council Members discussed a proposed millage rage of 5.12 mills for the 2007 year and requested this item of business be placed on the agenda for consideration.
No further action taken.

b)    Discuss Annexation Petition 2007-A06 Milton Blankenship Applicant
City Administrator Wilmarth presented this application for annexation of 15 acres for informational purposes only.  He stated the property owner is currently engaged in litigation with the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners and an injunction had been issued prohibiting the use of a vehicle shredder located on the property.

City Administrator Wilmarth stated this annexation request will not be on the August Agenda.  Additional information is needed before being officially presented to Council.

c)   Discuss Annexation Petition 2007-A07 Holbert Estate Application
Mayor Pro-Tem Homiller presented Annexation Petition No. 2007-A07 for discussion.

City Administrator Wilmarth stated this application had been submitted to the city clerk but it was returned due to the lack of information.

Mayor Pro Tem Homiller had questions concerning the amount of right or way on Roberts Lake Road.

City Administrator Wilmarth stated this information is forthcoming.

If the application is submitted to the city clerk in a timely manner it will be on the September Agenda for Council consideration stated City Administrator Wilmarth.

d)    Discussion of Financing and Construction of Valley Street
City Administrator Wilmarth advised Council of the ongoing discussion with the Cherokee County Development Authority for their funding of the Valley Street Extension.  City Administrator Wilmarth outlined the procedure the City would follow should the Development Authority approve our request to fund this project at an estimated cost of 1.1 million dollars.

Council Members discussed options to fund this project as well as ways to repay the debt.

City Administrator reminded Council that if the project has not begun on or before February 18, 2008 a portion of the already acquired right of way will revert back to the original property owner.

Mayor Pro Tem Homiller asked why the Development Authority is considering funding this project.

City Administrator Wilmarth replied the project promoted jobs in the community which is the goal of the Development Authority.

City Administrator stated he will present the project to the Development Authority at their meeting to be held next week for their consideration.  If they approve the funding then their proposal will then require Council approval.

Council Members directed this item of business be placed on the August Agenda for consideration.

e)    Discussion GPS Mapping of the City – Purchase Equipment VS Private Contractor
City Administrator presented the option of purchasing equipment verses the option to hire a private contractor to perform the task of mapping the system.

Council Members discussed the options and directed this item of business be placed on the August Agenda for consideration.

f)    Discuss Purchase of Leak Detection Equipment for Water Department
City Administrator Wilmarth presented an overview of a leak detection device that was demonstrated to the staff of the water department.  During the initial demonstration two leaks were found.  The equipment is marketed to detect leaks within 10 feet of the placement of the equipment.  A second demonstration is scheduled for next week.  City Administrator Wilmarth stated that if the equipment is proven successful he would recommend Council consider the purchase of the equipment at a cost of approximately $20,000.00.

Council Members recommended this item of business be placed on the August Agenda for consideration.

g)    Discuss Adoption of  County Zoning Ordinance
City Administrator Wilmarth recommended Council adopt the appendix of the Cherokee County Zoning Ordinance.

City Attorney Darrell Caudill stated there are changes in the annexation procedures effective September 1, 2008 and adoption of this ordinance would be helpful.  He further informed Council that the City of Holly Springs had recently adopted the County ordinance and the procedure they followed to do so.

Council Members recommended this item be placed on the September Agenda for consideration.

h)    Discuss Change Order for Installation of Sprinkler System for New City Hall
Mayor Pro Tem Homiller presented this item of business for discussion.

City Administrator Wilmarth stated the General Contractor and Architect advised it would be unwise not to install a sprinkler system.

Following discussion Council Members requested this item of business be placed on the August Agenda for consideration.

Item 4: Adjourn
There being no further business for Council discussion the meeting adjourned at

The Minutes of this July 26, 2007 Work Session of Council approved this 9th Day of August, 2007.

__________________________            ___________________________
Mayor A. R. Roberts, III                Council Member Homiller

__________________________            ___________________________
Council Member Byrd                    Council Member Holcomb

__________________________            ___________________________
Council Member Prettyman                Council Member Stoner

Attest __________________________
City Clerk Karen L. Jordan

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