March 14, 2007 Special Call Mtg

Thursday, March 14, 2007
7:00 PM Ball Ground Library

1.  Call to Order
Mayor Roberts called the March 14, 2007 Special Called Meeting of the Ball Ground City
Council to order and led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council Members John Byrd, Ashley Holcomb, Frank Homiller, and Andrenia Stoner were present.  Council Member Lee Prettyman was absent.

City Staff Present:  Attorney Darrell Caudill, Police Chief Dana Davis, Finance Director Randy Westbrook, City Adm. Eric Wilmarth and City Clerk Karen L. Jordan

Also present:  Tom Brooks, Ledger News, Russ Sims, Director, and Planning/Forecasting

2.  Intergovernmental Agreement between Cherokee County Board of Education and City of Ball Ground (See Attached Copy)

The following is an exert of the actual agreement presented by Mayor Roberts for council discussion:

An Intergovernmental Agreement is made and entered into upon Mayor and City Council approval between the City of Ball Ground, Georgia and the Cherokee County School System, also known as the Cherokee County School District as follows:

WHEREAS, the City owns a tract of improved real property, consisting of approximately 16 acres more particularly described on the attached Exhibit ‘A’ and ;

WHEREAS, the CCSD owns a tract of real property within the City upon which is situated “Ball Ground Elementary School” more particularly described on the attached Exhibit ‘B’ and;

WHEREAS, the City has expressed a desire to maintain an elementary school within the city limits and;

WHEREAS, CCSD has identified the City’s property identified on the Exhibit ‘A’ as a potential site for the construction of the new elementary school and;

WHEREAS, the City has expressed a desire to obtain the property upon which the current Ball Ground Elementary School is erected and;

WHEREAS, the parties hereto herein agree to exchange the properties and its improvements as identified on the attached exhibits and;

WHEREAS, the parties possess the authority to conduct said exchange pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 20-2-520(b) and O.C.G.A. Section 36-37-6(e) (2) (D).

Council discussed the internal agreement and the importance of maintaining the school within the city limits.

Council Member Homiller moved to enter into the above described intergovernmental agreement with the Cherokee County School System.  Council Member Byrd seconded the motion.  Vote 4 Yeas    0 Nays      1 Absent       Motion carried unanimously

3.  Other Business – None

4.  Adjourn
There being no further business for Council consideration a motion was duly made and seconded to adjourn at 4:25PM

The Minutes of this March 14, 2007 Special Called Meeting of Council approved this 12th Day of April, 2007.

________________________                _______________________
Mayor A. R. Roberts, III                Council Member Homiller

_______________________                ________________________
Council Member Byrd                    Council Member Holcomb

_______________________                ________________________
Council Member Prettyman                Council Member Stoner

Attest __________________________
City Clerk Karen L. Jordan

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