New Solid Waste Provider

In response to the numerous complaints and citizen concerns over the current solid waste service provider, the City has selected a new provider.  We are extremely hopeful that the level of service will improve significantly as it pertains to private property and to cart placement/management. However, the transition from one provider to another is always a challenge.  We ask for your cooperation and patience as we move forward.

Important dates and required actions:

Waste Management will make their final trash pick/up and recycle pickup on April 26th, 2024.  Please leave your cart curbside on April 26th.  Once trash is picked up another vehicle will be coming thru to retrieve the waste management containers.  On April 27th, and April 29th Waste Pro, our new provider will be delivering your new containers.  Your new container will have a flyer taped to the lid with additional service information.  Much more detailed information will be coming in the next few weeks but a general outline of the new service/rates is as follows:

  1. All residents will pay $22 per month, and this will be for solid waste pickup only (no recycle)
  2. Every other Saturday a recycle vehicle will be in the City Hall parking lot for a published 3-hour period.  All individuals with recycle materials may take them to the truck for compacting – no additional charges to our residents (more details to come on dates/hours/materials accepted etc.)
  3. Bulk item pickup.   We have very few customers that use this service, yet many customers paying for the service.  We have opted to have this service be provided on a case-by-case as-needed basis.  Our customers will call Waste Pro directly, and let them know what items are to be removed – Waste Pro will quote a price for removal, the customer will pay over the phone and Waste Pro will dispatch a truck/crew to collect.
  4. Yard Debris:  Yard debris will go directly into the delivered trash cart.  Again, this is something that very few of our customers use.  If you do require more than one cart, a 2nd cart can be obtained for an additional $11.02 per month.

Additional Recycle Options:

  1. If 50% or more of our residents sign up for curb-side recycling then the service will be provided for an additional $13.14 per month for weekly service, or the cost could be reduced to $10.14 per month for bi-weekly service of curb side recycling.
  2. The Pickens County recycle center just off Hwy 515 in Jasper will accept recycle items for Ball Ground residents at no charge.  We will be providing more detailed information on that center and their accepted materials as well, and they do accept glass.

If you would like to sign up for recycle services, please send an email to or , and provide your name and address so we can add you to the list.  If we get over 50% participation, we will add the service.

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