From the City Manager

Good Morning Ball Ground:

Beginning today, Monday, August 15, 2022, you will notice some vehicles and personnel throughout the City placing listening devices on water system meters, fire hydrants, and valves.  You will also see some of the same personnel with headsets on and probing rods, also listening to the water system.  We anticipate the team will be here for two weeks.

The purpose of their work is to locate water leaks within the system so we can schedule them for repair.  The vast majority of water leaks never surface, but the lost water escapes thru storm drains, or leaches thru the soil or fissures in the various rock formations.

At times boxes with wires and antennae will be left overnight attached to a fire hydrant or water valve.

The vehicles in use will be labeled with the company name of “McKim & Creed”.

Our community has always been vigilant in reporting unusual activity around our water infrastructure, which is greatly appreciated.

Still, if you see something that doesn’t seem right, and doesn’t line up with what is described above, give us a call at City Hall at 770-735-2123.  Always better safe than sorry, especially with our drinking water.

These devices record the changes in sound within the water system.  They do not record voices.

Thanks, Ball Ground.


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