Public Safety Capital Improvement Needs

Radio Repeater Tower and Transmitter (95)


In the ever changing world of communications, the band width for radio frequencies has continued to narrow. While we typically receive excellent communications service while in a patrol vehicle, the areas within the City have multiplied rapidly where an officer cannot communicate with dispatch, or other officers, using their portable hand held radio. This creates a safety concern for our officers when they are conducting business outside of their patrol car, which is quite frequently.

Fortunately, since we own two water tanks, finding an acceptable mounting place for an antenna system should not be difficult. Estimated cost of this project is $15,000.  

Replacement of Patrol Vehicles (87)


In order to keep our department in safe fully operational vehicles while minimizing significant repair costs it is necessary to plan for the purchase of one new patrol car every two years. As the department grows, this number will of course increase. 

At current rates we are putting approximately 20,000 miles per year on a patrol car. With the goal of retiring a vehicle before reaching 100,000 miles, then each vehicle would be replaced every 5 years. These numbers are flexible depending on the maintenance results and vehicle performance. At times a vehicle may last for 120,000 miles, while others, due to maintenance problems, may need to be replaced at 85,000. 

This establishes a “target” for one new car, every two years, at current staffing levels.

In-Car Computer Systems (67)


Purchasing an in car computer system for each vehicle will maximize each officers road time, provide access to incident location maps, and allow officers the ability to run tags and check warrants quickly and quietly without waiting to do so verbally with a radio dispatcher on a busy communications net. 

The anticipated cost of this would be $2,500 per car including software and wireless card. There will be ongoing costs associated with this equipment for the monthly wireless access service, currently estimated at approximately $70.00 per unit. 

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