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The City of Ball Ground receives a portion of the 1% Special Local Option Sales Tax collected in Cherokee County. These funds are used to augment grant and local tax dollars to accomplish capital projects within the City.

The City maintains a “Capital Improvements Plan” (CIP) that is used to prioritize, plan and fund projects. Review the Capital Improvements Plan online now.

Capital Improvements Plan 2012-19

Prepared By: Mayor A. R. (Rick) Roberts, III
Eric W. Wilmarth, City Manager
Adopted April 14, 2011


The following pages comprise the City of Ball Ground Capital Improvement Plan for the next seven years, to coincide with the collection of voter approved SPLOST dollars.


The first step in this process was to develop a formula by which every presented project would be evaluated. The next two pages outline both the evaluation criteria, and the point system that was assigned within each evaluated category. A total of 13 categories were identified, by which each project would be evaluated, these included such categories as available funding,, anticipated life expectancy of the project, and what percentage of the City population would ultimately be served by the proposed project. Projects were identified in 6 categories which were Roads and Streets, Sidewalks, Facilities, Vehicles, Water/Sewer/Stormwater and Parks and Recreation.


Once the projects were identified, the next step was to evaluate each project and establish a ranking of the importance, and in theory, a priority of effort. Each project has been rated with a numeric score, with the highest number being the highest priority. This process gives us a guideline, but not necessarily an absolute rule on how projects will be scheduled. Lower priority projects may actually be accomplished first depending on the availability and success of grant funding etc.


Following the evaluation criteria, and the subsequent results, this document then includes a brief description of each project, a photograph and an estimated cost.


Following any revisions and subsequent adoption of this document by the council action would then be taken to update the Short Term Work Program (STWP) so that the two plans compliment each other and also enhance our standing when applying for matching grant funds.


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