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January 6, 2022



January 6, 2022 

• Item 1: Staff Member Chris Luly called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
o The board was assembled in City Hall.
o Board members in attendance: Gloria Bartko-Thomas, Brent Richardson, Charles Jenkins, Sherri Little, and Darrell McNeal. Staff in Attendance: Chris Luly 

• Item 2: Minutes from November 4, 2021, were approved 

• Item 3: Election of Officers.
o Sherri Little was elected chair and Gloria Bartko-Thomas was elected as vice-chair. Charles Jenkins was elected as treasurer and check signer. Gloria Bartko-Thomas was reappointed as the second check signer. Chris Luly was appointed as secretary to the DDA. 

• Item 4: Announcements/Informational Items/Project Updates
o The DDA discussed the upcoming 2022 City Events calendar
o Members brainstormed Making t-shirts to fundraise, Donations, and sponsorships for t-shirts with Charles Jenkins planning to investigate further
o Hosting a Road race was brought up by Darrel McNeal 

• Item 5: There was no Old Business 

• Item 6: New Business
o Lee Lusk –City Gym Discussion
Lee Lusk attended the meeting via FaceTime to discuss the potential for his purchase of the City Gym. Mr. Lusk currently owns the old elementary school. He presented the history and current market conditions for his originally intended use of the old school: assisted living. He now seeks to develop apartments in this space but mentioned his long-term goal is still assisted living. He is currently zoned for 17 units but requires additional units to make the project financially viable. By purchasing the gym property, he will possess enough land to develop 32 units in the old school. If acquired, he plans to revitalize the gym and utilize it as an amenity, rent it for events, keep the parking lot, continue providing meeting space to the Lions Club.
Brent Richardson discussed the potential for a pocket park in the area.
Darrel McNeal noted the uniqueness of the project
Lee Lusk invited the DDA to tour the site
Charles Jenkins asked Lee Lusk what he planned to offer for the gym. Mr. Lusk stated he would have to get back with the DDA about that later.
Charles Jenkins proposed a potential public-private partnership to help develop a mixed-use project in City Park at the corner of Old Dawsonville Road and Groover Street 

o By-laws Review & Discussion
Chris Luly presented an overview of the DDA bylaws.
DDA will review and suggest edits if needed. 

• Item 7: There were no Public Comments 

• Item 8: Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM. Next Meeting is scheduled for February 3, at 5:30 PM at City Hall. 

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