Daily Update for Citizens

Hello Ball Ground:

Mayor Roberts participated in another conference call this morning with Dr. Del Rio, an infectious disease expert with Emory and Grady. To be certain there wasn’t a lot of positive information, with the soul except that he stated he has never seen such a rapid scientific response on work dealing with any previous virus and vaccine development. Still no solutions but rapid progress.

Dr Del Rio also concurs with local news reports, asking individuals that are exhibiting only mild symptoms to self isolate and treat at home. The healthcare system currently has a major shortage of not only tests, but the personal protective equipment needed when completing the tests. If your symptoms progress then by all means call your healthcare provider and set up a plan for testing. Remember, the overwhelming majority of cases are minor. He is hopeful that this guidance will change by Friday, and that tests and protective equipment will be in solid supply and we can then move towards testing everyone in order to further identify carriers and get them properly isolated.

Locally, several of our restaurants have closed their indoor dining but are still offering curb-side to go services, or even home delivery. Please take advantage of this.

Mayor Roberts is urging all residents to avoid social gatherings and to practice physical distancing, even from people you know. Stay in touch socially via you favorite media outlet…….but avoid physically getting together.

This evening at 5:00 PM Governor Kemp will hold a press conference. We are expecting that he will be delivering some statewide guidelines and updates and we look forward to hearing what he has to say.

On a final thought. We are asking everyone to take a little extra precaution in your daily routines. Drive slower. Use extra precautions in all physical activities. One of the things we haven’t talked about much is the fact that our local hospitals already stay pretty busy with car accidents and other injuries from simple at home accidents. The hospital ER is just not the place to be right now. Not only does our presence there consume services, but it also exposes us to probably the most dangerous place to contact the virus at this time. Use Caution. Physical Distancing. Wash Hands. Stay safe.

Another rainy day in Georgia – but Wednesday provides some promise for some sunshine. We need it.

Take good care.


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