From the City Manager

First we would like to thank all of our residents for the outstanding cooperation we are seeing at all levels.

Mayor Roberts participated in a conference call yesterday with Governor Kemp. Most of you have probably heard this information on the local news – but for those that haven’t we are passing on the information

First and foremost. If you are ill, and believe you COULD have the coronavirus it is very important that you call you medical provider before you show up at the office. Same with the ER. Call the hospital first and get specific instructions as the medical facility will want to bring you in separate from other patients.

Secondly, we just simply weren’t prepared for the amount of testing that needs to be done and the Feds are reportedly working to get more test kits and improve the distribution methods. In the meantime, some tests have become available thru the private sector. Two issues here. Many of the private testing sites are simply scams – not real tests at all. The second issue is that although some are valid they are doing some price gouging. However; it is certainly a personal choice but the Governors office is recommending that if you want to pay the prices for a private test please contact the health department and find out if the site is legitimate first.

The COVID hotline number for the state is 1-844-442-2681.
Be prepared for a significant wait when calling, but you can get more information from this number and guidance if you believe you need to be tested.

The State is working with FEMA with the goal of establishing a testing center in all 18 “health districts” in the State. Tentatively they have selected Woodstock as a possible test site. They anticipate these sites will be up in 7-10 days.

Social distancing is the best practice for the time being to slow the spread of this virus, however; the Governor stopped short of enacting an order to shut down bars and restaurants, instead asking these businesses to self regulate and keep their crowd sizes in check. While we must practice social distancing Mayor Roberts strongly agrees with Governor Kemp in the need to support our local businesses. Our business owners are coming up with creative ways to continue operations. For some this is offering curbside service, home deliver, take out services etc., Give your favorite Ball Ground business (or two) a call and see if there is something in place that meets your needs, whether it is a new delivery service, or simply the ability to remain in your car and have something brought out to you.

Additionally the Governor announced a blood shortage. He said the Red Cross has instituted safe measures for blood donation and is encouraging residents to reach out to the Red Cross and give blood when possible and practical.

The State of Georgia is now approved thru the Small Business Administration so that our small businesses can get some financial assistance as we pass thru these. The website they have referred small businesses to is

Another major area of impact. Rumors. We seem to experience of lot of this especially in this era of social media. Mayor Roberts urges all of our residents to fact check, gather information from reliable news sources, the CDC and the GEMA and FEMA websites.

In the mean-time … stay safe and look after one another.

Eric Wilmarth
City Manager

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