Update from the City Manager

Hello Ball Ground:

Mark your calendar for this Saturday – October 31st.  The City will again be providing dumpsters to help with the clean-up of our community.  So if you have been cleaning out the garage, the basement or just general clean-out, and have too much to place at curb-side, you can bring it to the Community Building Parking lot between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM this Saturday as long as you are a City of Ball Ground Sanitation Customer thru the Advanced Disposal Contract.  As always, the dumping is limited to authorized items.  We can’t take hazardous materials such as fuels, oils, wet paints.  We cannot accept tires, batteries, or items containing freon.   For future drops, we are working to be able to accept car batteries, and also working to accept tires (although there would be a charge for tires).

Speaking of Saturday – we are getting a lot of questions again about trick-or-treating.  The City does not regulate trick-or-treating.  We simply ask that residents who choose to participate turn their porch lights on and we ask the trick-or-treaters only go to the homes with the porch light lit.  Residents who choose not to participate can simply keep their porch light extinguished.

We haven’t talked a lot lately about COVID-19, but a quick visit on any news channel and we see that the virus is again spiking across the Country.  Wearing a mask will not stop the pandemic.  Washing your hands will not stop the pandemic.  Social distancing will not stop the pandemic.  But these things together can help slow the spread until adequate treatments and vaccines are readily available.  The last thing we want or need is for levels to spike uncontrollably to a point where businesses are again being forced to close their doors, limit hours and services in order to slow the spread, or even worse where too many people are ill and the required workforce can’t be supported.  So on behalf of Mayor Roberts and the Ball Ground City Council we are asking everyone to continue the outstanding support of our local businesses.  We love seeing the sidewalks and parks filled with our residents and visitors.  We just ask each person to do as much as they can individually to slow the spread by remaining 6 feet away from persons with whom you do not live, wearing a mask when in public spaces and social distancing cannot be achieved, and simply avoiding large gatherings, especially those indoors.

On a final note – looks like we have some really rough weather heading into Ball Ground this evening.  We can expect winds of 40+ miles per hour and heavy rains.  With an already saturated ground, we are bound to see more than our share of downed trees.  City crews are working today to make sure our equipment is up and running and ready to begin clearing as necessary.  Please use caution when driving over the next 48 hours, watch for flooded roadways and downed trees, and always assume that any downed power lines are still energized.

#BALLGROUNDROCKS – and so do you.

Have a great week.


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