Update from the City Manager

Hello Ball Ground –

Interested in upgrading to fiber for your internet needs? We are very fortunate to have fiber infrastructure now available in the City of Ball Ground. New developments are being provided with fiber and Ellijay Telephone Company (ETC) is working on their plans to prioritize where fiber is installed in the existing parts of their system. If you are interested in obtaining fiber services you can go to their website at www.etcnow.com and click on the link that says “Ignite Fiber” – watch the short video and it will tell you about registering. Areas that see the most requests for service will be prioritized higher in the construction schedules.

Preliminary Engineering work is beginning on the proposed 372 Spur or “truck route” to ease the truck traffic thru downtown. Cherokee County has taken the lead on this project from the State of Georgia, even though it is a State Route, and we have seen much more accomplished since that has happened. We would like to thank Commissioner Steve West and Senator Brandon Beach for their efforts and support on this project.

Our contractor plans on beginning the water line relocation project in SR 372 (A. W. Roberts Drive) on Monday, December 7th. This is a 30-45 day project depending on weather so there will be some extra congestion in that area. The vast majority of the work will be done behind the sidewalk, not actually in the roadway, but it will still be close. During the one time period that contractor will be required to dig into SR 372 in the vicinity of the traffic light at SR 372 and SR Bus 5, the road will be reduced to one lane. This particular work will take place after 8:00 pm and both lanes reopened by 5:00 am. Since this work will be the very last thing accomplished we will be able to provide you with a more specific timeline after the new water line is installed behind the sidewalk. Again, the reason for the relocation is so that the State will make substantial repairs to the existing roadway.

We here at the City wish each of you the best possible Thanksgiving under these unique circumstances.

Take Care and please be safe.


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