Update from the City Manager

Hello Ball Ground.

Everywhere we look we find our community improving on the physical distancing aspect of the fight against COVID-19. Again, thank you for your efforts and your continued support of our local merchants during this difficult time.

Our leadership team has participated in a host of conference calls……………but in all honesty, there is really nothing new to report. Most models show that the physical distancing measures is beginning to have the desired impact, we just need to keep doing what we are doing.

The director of the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) were on a call this morning and asked their “hotline” number be shared in the community in the event residents had something to report as far as non compliance issues with businesses or physical distancing requirements. That number is 1-800-241-4113. These agencies also informed us that to be compliant with the Governor’s order, visitors to parks must be moving at all times. The purpose of the visit is for exercise. Sitting at picnic tables, or spreading of blankets on the ground is not acceptable. This is contrary to what we first believed – that picnicking was fine as long as social distancing was observed. But according to the GSP this is not compliant with the Governors order.

On the local level Mayor Roberts spoke with Mr. Hayes of Northside Cherokee. Mr. Hayes reports that the hospital was well under control, well supplied, well staffed, and extremely appreciative for the community support they are receiving. That was really good news to hear.

Unfortunately in times of crisis there are always folks seeking opportunities to scam other folks. Please be advised that the IRS will NOT call you looking for information regarding your potential stimulus check. Not happening. If someone calls you it is a scam and they are simply seeking your bank account information – and you can be assured they will use that information to deduct from your account, not add to it. No matter how convincing, please do not give out your bank account information.

On a conference call with Senator Beach earlier this week he announced that the State has signed a contract with CW Matthews to begin the first phase of the long awaited widening of Highway 20. The first phase will run from I-575 in Canton east to Scott Road. In conjunction with this project they will also be making some changes to the I-575 north exit ramp at Hwy 20 to provide direct access to the hospital. So for those of you unfortunate enough to travel that segment or roadway frequently, it is set to become a construction zone in mid May.

We have had several calls questioning water/sewer bills being higher than normal. There was no rate increase. As we altered schedules and handled other pressing matters we were 10 days late in reading meters. So although there was no rate increase, your monthly bills were for 40 days instead of the typical 30 days. This month we will work diligently to get meters read on their normal cycle. If we are successful then your next billing cycles will only have 20 – 22 days of consumption as opposed to 30 so you will see less use than normal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you all for your efforts, your patience and determination to get beyond all of this.

Have a great weekend.


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