Update from the City Manager

Hello Ball Ground:

As you are aware, Governor Kemp has enacted a Shelter in Place (Stay at Home Order) for the entire State that will take effect at 6:00 pm this evening and run through midnight on April 13th. Mayor Roberts and I both believe that it is highly likely this order will be extended beyond that date.

This order going into effect nullifies the Ball Ground Order. It also specifically removes the ability of the Ball Ground Police Department from any type of enforcement. So my earlier emails saying the PD would be enforcing more heavily this weekend is no longer valid. Enforcement of the Governor’s order will be the State Patrol, GBI, Health Department and the Georgia National Guard. The Governor then signed a second special order allowing Sheriff’s to enforce, but not local police at this point. So if our folks see violations the limit of their power is to call a State Agency for assistance. We will still be asking our department to ASK people to cooperate, but for now that is as far as it can go.

Most of our businesses can remain open if they choose but some must close. The ones that cannot operate include the Gym, Fitness Center, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Barber Shops, Tattoo Parlors, Tanning Salons, etc., There are more on the list but I think this represents the BG Businesses.

The Governor’s order also finally identifies who must following the social distancing rules. Initially there was very poor communication out of the Governor’s office a couple of weeks back that said 6 feet between every person at all times. That has been cleared up in the order. Occupants of the same dwelling unit are not required to distance from each other while in public – but must social distance from other individuals or dwelling groups. So there is no requirement for a married couple with children, or even room-mates in the same dwelling unit to separate while in public.

I rarely include attachments, but have attached a handout of the Governor’s order if you would like to study it in more detail.

The order also permits going out to exercise. This is important and is good for the spirit. Just please remember to establish good physical distance from other people. Our biggest battle right now is the fact that so many people carry this virus and they feel and look absolutely fine.

Flatten the Curve!!!!!


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