Update from the Mayor

Hello Ball Ground:

Our monthly meeting of Mayor and Council will take place via teleconference this Thursday at 7:00 PM.  The meeting can be heard by “liking” the City of Ball Ground Facebook page, or by dialing in.  Instructions for dialing in will be available on the agenda when posted on the website later today.

The meeting will likely be a short one, as we have no items of new business.  Old Business will include the 2nd reading by Mayor and Council for the annexation of 3 parcels of property into the City, one of which is a portion of the City Property for Roberts Lake Trail.

Last week the official announcement was made that our sanitation company Advanced Disposal has merged with Waste Management. Advanced is to continue to operate as a subsidiary of Waste Management.  We keep all of the same folks we have been working with and should not notice any changes in the near term.  However; given that they are now the same company, as trucks and cans are replaced we could see some Waste Management Logos right along with the Advanced Logos.  Again, nothing changes for us other than an occasional logo – but still just the one provider.

In some ways it almost feels like we have become numb to the whole COVID-19 Pandemic and life is appearing to return to “normal”.  With this, we are seeing tremendous spikes across the Country and the virus is on the rise again right here in Cherokee County.  While I think we have all learned we can still do a great number of things, let’s please continue to remember to social distance, especially inside our stores and businesses. Mask wearing inside businesses and among gatherings although not mandated are still highly recommended by the City.

City Hall will be closed tomorrow in honor of Veterans Day.  Over the next couple of years, we will be working on a couple of long term Veterans related goals.  First, we would like to be able to identify and recognize every Veteran currently living in the City.  Additionally, we would like to be able to identify any service members that were residents of Ball Ground who were killed in action in any of our wars or conflicts.  Finally, we would like to identify any previous City of Ball Ground residing Veterans who have passed away.  Coinciding with this, we will be setting up a committee to establish a small Veterans Memorial here in the City, and to assist with fundraising and grant solicitation to bring the project to life.  So initially, if you are interested in serving on such a committee, please let me know.  In the meantime, be thinking of those you know who are Veterans, and also anyone you have any information on that may have been killed in action while serving in the military.  Once we have our group activated, we will be out soliciting this information in an attempt to recognize all city residents who have served.

Have a great week Ball Ground.

A R (Rick) Roberts III
Mayor, City of Ball Ground

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