Board of Zoning Appeals

Variance applications are to be submitted to the City staff via email. Staff will schedule a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals.


Please email or call (770) 735-2123 for all matters related to variances and the Board of Zoning Appeals.


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.


  1. Gloria Bartko-Thomas
  2. Jack Davis
  3. Jimmy Gale
  4. John Herrmann
  5. Stefanie Joyner


Capital Projects

The City of Ball Ground receives a portion of the 1% Special Local Option Sales Tax collected in Cherokee County. These funds are used to augment grant and local tax dollars to accomplish capital projects within the City.

Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Beverage Licensing for the City of Ball Ground

All businesses within the city limits of Ball Ground that are interested in serving or selling any type of alcoholic beverage (liquor, spirits, distilled beverages, beer, and/or wine) are required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage License. You may contact the City Clerk at 770-735-2123 or email Karen Jordan.  

OCGA 3-2-7.1 required the GA Department of Revenue to implement a statewide centralized application process for retail alcohol licensing.  This new process ensures the initial application is sent simultaneously to the State and City. This is managed through the Georgia Tax Center portal, which can be accessed via this link: Georgia Tax Center.   We suggest you review the FAQs and print out the directions for registering on the site.  DOR Alcohol Licensing FAQS

For questions regarding GA Dept. of Revenue requirements, call 877-423-6711 or access the DOR website for the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco.

Since the State of GA regulations is not identical to the City of Ball Ground ordinance, our forms are still required to be completed.  Click here to download a copy of the city alcohol license application.  Click here to download a copy of the city Off-Premise Alcohol Beverage Special Event Permit Application.  Click here to download a copy of the Alcohol License Renewal Application.  If you wish to clarify components of the City of Ball Ground ordinance, email Karen Jordan.

Building Permitting and Inspections

NOTICE: All building permits must be submitted via email to Michelle Tanner at Permit submittals that do not follow the provided checklist of requirements will be rejected.

The City of Ball Ground issues building permits for residential and commercial construction within the City Limits of Ball Ground. The building permit application, and other City forms and applications, can be found in the Document Center. Please see the Planning and Zoning webpage for information on development and land disturbance permitting.

Permits and Inspections: Please call (770) 735-2123 or email Michelle Tanner at for all permits and inspections questions.

Fee Schedule: Click HERE

Building Permits

In order to obtain a building permit, the applicant must submit a completed building permit application and all required supporting documents.  A listing of these supporting documents can be found in the building permit application document. The water and sewer capacity fees must be paid prior to receiving a building permit. If sanitary sewer is not available within 300 feet of the property line on which a permit is being requested, then the applicant must show a septic permit from the Cherokee County Health Department prior to a building permit being issued.


Builders requesting an inspection should contact the City Hall at 770-735-2123. Every attempt will be made to provide a next-day inspection service for all requests received prior to 2:00 p.m.

Required Inspections:

  • Temp Power (if used)
  • Temp to Perm Power
  • Silt Fence and clearing
  • Footing
  • Wall (over 3’)
  • In slab plumbing (if present)
  • Slab
  • Rough-In (Framing, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Final (Includes landscape, tree replacement, and sidewalk where required)
  • Every site visit will include a silt and sediment control observation.

GIS & Mapping

Check out the Ball Ground City Map, our all-in-one interactive map for information about the city. Here you can view the zoning of a property, find parks and review property records

The Projects and Applications Map is great for following along with development projects, from plan submittal to completion.

The City of Ball Ground’s GIS (Geographic Information System) integrates location-based information with applications that serve City departments and the general public.

We view our GIS as a shared space where all people (staff and public) are encouraged to participate and contribute to create a more informed community. The primary goals of our GIS are:

  • serving as a reliable system of record
  • engaging our users
  • providing insight for everyone

To learn more about Ball Ground’s growing GIS capabilities, check out our GIS portal.

To view/download data about the city, such as boundary and zoning info, check the City of Ball Ground Open Data.

Ball Ground’s Geographic Information System is built using MosaicGIS™ and ArcGIS Online.

Municipal Court

The City of Ball Ground Municipal Court is held on the third
Friday of each month
in the Ball Ground City Hall at 215 Valley Street in downtown Ball Ground. Court begins at 10:00 am.

The City Solicitor will be available to discuss your case with you on your court date beginning at 10:00am.

Please allow us 72 hours from the time you receive your citation before calling to find out your fine amount.

The Court Clerk and Deputy Court Clerk are available to answer your inquiries Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  We accept checks, cash, money orders, Visa or Mastercard for payment.  You may also pay your citations on line by clicking this link.

Click here to pay your citation

If you are paying your citation by mail you must include the yellow copy of your citation with the payment and you must complete and sign the appropriate spaces on the back of the form. We cannot process citations that have not been signed.

The Ball Ground Municipal Court is presided over by Judge Scott Poole.
The City Solicitor is Mr. Whit Frost.

The Court Clerk is Karla Weaver:  email or 770-735-2123
The Deputy Court Clerk is Karen L. Jordan:  email or 770-735-2123

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